Writing a simple proposal for a project

Before you begin writing you should be able to answer the following questions: Why are you doing this project? How long will it take? Research how others and your own team have attempted to solve the same problem in the past, noting down the core elements of their strategy and what they found in their results.

You need to clearly explain to the board how will you assess the problems presented and prove why it is a better option in a specific aspect such as the cost, durability, efficiency.

In this section, you need to persuade your reader, but at the same time keeping it all clear. This is the part where you need to describe thoroughly the problem you want to address.

In here, you need to identify the root of the dilemma, how it affects its surrounding, why is it considered a problem, and the reason why there is a necessity to resolve the issue.

writing a simple proposal for a project

A continuation proposal can be thought of as a check-in with the audience to ensure the correct funds are provided for the next phase, as well as discussing progress and accounting for any changes before moving forward. Your project proposal will never stand alone with your mere opinions and ideas only.

Write the introduction.

simple project proposal template

Think, think, think. However, in some cases, the data that you need is not found in any media. Remember, this is the driving force behind getting your approval. In fact, you can show them a sample of your project results on a smaller scale.

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30+ Project Proposal Examples