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Linking this to the notion of power, it seems as if illness is inextricably and perhaps a bit difficultly associated with wealth and power. Some of these, moreover, as I outlined earlier, are as likely to derive from print-house practice as from Jonson himself.

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I have also collated 38 copies of F1. You may also sort these by color rating or essay length. But Jonson himself probably made the decision to reprint those by Bolton, Donne, and Beaumont in that context, and to jettison the others. But little of this has focused on Volpone, and this edition, based on Q, aims in part to make good that omission. The obvious notions of each player are often replaced by the intricacies of individuality. I am grateful to most of these editions for at least some insights into the play, to some notably Brockbank, Creaser, and Parker for many, I hope all properly acknowledged in my annotation. I want to make a point about parentheses round brackets , which are a feature of both Q and F but largely disappear in a modernized edition. He could certainly have handled the efficient, if unimaginative, business of the stage directions. Some changes notably those on sig. By the same token, gathering N outer features an anomalous rash of italic exclamation marks, in place of the normal roman ones. Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

That at 2. While something of that was doubtless still available to readers init could hardly have had the same immediacy.

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This particular characteristic of Renaissance drama adds many dimensions, erotic and social, to the spectacle on the stage. If this were merely a matter of the sidenoted stage directions, as previous accounts have largely supposed, these could have been supplied either by Jonson or by an attentive reader in the printshop.

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Wrightwho seems not to have doubted that they were by Jonson himself. I have been able to inspect 24 copies myself, and a further 4 by proxy in the persons of David Gants and Eugene Giddens, to whom I am most grateful.

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