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Furthermore, soma is used to keep the social order as it is. This means it must be a dystopia. For example, Mother Teresa was satisfied by her benevolent actions and How Celtic Folkore has Influenced My Family words - 6 pages Every family has a unique background that influences the way they live and interact with other people.

The short stories, Harrison Bergeron, and The Lottery, are both literary examples imparted around a utopian society In the novel, the Underground Man and Fyodor Dostoyevsky make the reader understand how the Utopian society is not a good idea. The society has characteristics of the current society or whatever someone else has once experienced.

A utopia is a perfect world in which there are no problems like war, disease, poverty, oppression, discrimination, inequality, and other.

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In other words, no actual warnings are given in utopian literature because it is based on an ideal future, where there is no need to worry about any sort of problems occurring. In animal farm the pigs are the most responsible for the decay of a utopia into a dystopia because they were unfair to the other animals from other animals, they broke their own commandments, and because they were turning animal farm into a dictatorship. What used to be the base of a prosperous and a healthy society is now regarded as something unnecessary, impure and offensive to talk about. As distant as this may sound, dystopian stories have similar characteristics to the current society, unlike utopian books. Psychically, it was a rabbit hole, a midden, hot with the frictions of tightly packed life, reeking with emotion. Different components are given to them while they are in bottles, as well as the amount of the oxygen. Nobody cannot stop their development, but can make use of them for proper purposes. A dystopia is a world in which nothing is perfect.

They can hatch out up to 96 twins from only one ovary and a gamete. The stories serve as a warning to members of society in which they live, to show them how society can metamorphose from bad to worse without anyone realizing it.

Her reaction is not unusual, most of the people coming from the World State would react this way for they reproduce artificially and do not take care of the children. This picture does not imply a Brave New World to be a utopian society. In the end policemen spray the soma cloud into the air and play the Voice of Reason and the Voice of Good Feelings.

Although man does his best to live in a Utopia, his evil soul turns up his dreams to nightmares and his Utopia to Dystopia.

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Essay - Utopia Is Utopia an ideal society.

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Essay about Utopia Vs. Dystopia