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Lee's 75, men and Grants 90, men started at Gettysburg on July 1, was finally over. Only a few days after he assumed his new command, he occupied Paducah, Ky. The arrival of Confederate reinforcements compelled him to retreat.

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He was originally named Hiram Ulysses Grant. Although Grant was never personally implicated in any of the scandals, he did not disassociate himself from the members of his administration who were guilty. Grant and his family moved to Georgetown, Ohio, just one year after his birth. Like so many other peacetime officers of the period, Grant began drinking. As he was a man of much dignity, with an impassable face, it was impossible to say whether he felt inwardly glad that the end had finally come, or felt sad over the result, and was too manly to show it. Arthur's administration March 3, Their attempt to run him for a third term had Grant's assent and Mrs. On foreign policy, Grant generally followed the advice of his cultivated, aristocratic secretary of state, Hamilton Fish. He won the Pulitzer Prize in for his biography on Ulysses S. His father, Jesse Root Grant, was foreman in a tannery.

During his second term, a depression in Europe spread to the United States, resulting in high unemployment. But Grant also had defenders, among them Lincoln, who said simply, "I can't spare this man--he fights.

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In one, the English colonists on the continent of North America broke off from their mother country to form their own. At the age of one year he was taken to Georgetown where he was educated at local and boarding schools.

Grant lived an interesting life.

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This war in its worst moments still brought forth a change in the American society which was arguably, slavery. Soon after many good victories he was promoted to general of the army of Tennessee.

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Grant went about the distasteful business of war realistically and grimly. At the request of the Illinois governor, Richard Yates, he remained to muster in the new volunteer regiments, for his experience as quartermaster, commissary, and adjutant in the field made him invaluable. The Library of Congress maintains a database of records for thousands of manuscript collections. Who was Grant — a Portrait 1. These differences brought a lot of separations between the states as a result the Civil War was fought. In , however, Grant won reelection by a landslide. Grant had cut himself off from communications and supplies from the North; his troops had to subsist on the country until victory. Don Carlos Buell may have saved him from defeat. For the most part, this consisted of rich landowners, representatives, and northern Democrats. Fuller, The Generalship of U.

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The Papers of Ulysses S. Grant