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The students also indicated that a haphazard use and over- or misuse of video in the classroom results in the teaching tool losing its appeal to them.

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This study has found that the main intentions that the teachers have when using short videos in EFL teaching are to differentiate their teaching, motivate students, and vary lessons. Based on the interview data, other pragmatic issues, such as conventions of politeness in L2, are largely disregarded.

The students reported that being taught race through the news and documentary in the case study provided them with new perspectives on race issues. On the other hand, students will often associate YouTube and video viewing in general with entertainment and relaxation, making it challenging for teachers to clearly distinguish educational and recreational use of the resource in their teaching.

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The most prominent challenges accounted for were the demanding and sometimes inappropriate language of authentic videos found on the Internet, as well as technological issues such as unreliable video presentation tools.

What has come to light in this study is that videos are being used mostly as supplements or illustrations to the textbook with the intention of filling the gap between what the curriculum demands and the textbook offers.

The main findings revealed that the students believed that inside the EFL classroom, receiving feedback from the teacher and participating in group projects were the most important factors helping them to develop their oral skills.

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