Theoretical framework on teenage rebellion

When discussing behaviour with a teenager talk about behaviour in general, not their behaviour in particular, this way they can be objective and 14 P a g e not feel the need to protect their position.

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Problems at school or college include attending to school in drunken state, or missing school because of drinking. One of the main reasons teenagers justify poor decisions is by observing the world around them.

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Adolescent boys are more likely to use alcohol to help cope with declining self-esteem, while girls are more likely to use it to maintain high self-esteem they gain from their social groups. We are not born with an innate sense of right and wrong, we learn the difference through trial and error as we mature. The researchers decided to help the parents by conducting a study which the objective is to know the age of the teenagers and also the cause and effect of rebellion. Recommendations for further research and possible studies conclude this chapter. At the age of thirteen, most teenagers start to feel the need for independence and autonomy, and if not met, spark the beginning of rebellion. Modern teens are now rebelling at an earlier age, possibly because of early experiences with major issues as they transition to adulthood. Support your teens' hobby even it differs from other teens. How does the parent-teen relationship affect academic outcomes? A common way to push that rebellion is by trying smoking. Forget problems - Teenagers turn to drugs to escape their problem with the environment he lives in. Since they are in higher authority, the young should follow and obey. They understand his choices to drink and pretend to act as an adult. In Chapter 7, the science of teen rebellion, of the book, the research proves to be surprising not only to the readers themselves. Sometimes the bad places are the places where a child might feel the most love.

Alcoholism 26 P a g e Because alcohol is easy to obtain and socially acceptable it is a very popular means of self-medication for depression.

The result means most of the people students think many students rebel in their life.

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The study found that teenagers without adult supervision engaged in more risky behaviors, while the teenagers who received consistent, but fair, discipline engaged in less risky behaviors. The opposite of rebellion would be the desire to stay at home, refusal to take responsibility for life, and fear of making decisions.

If the questionnaire is not answered completely, the number of data that they wish to collect will not be reached.

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Young people need consideration and understanding. This study is conducted to help the parents know the side of their teenage sons and daughters, also to know what the can do to make their children open up to them. Becoming an adult includes beginning to make decisions for oneself. However this study also has limitations because results may vary in some other places or in a span of time. The results in this table means that the older teenagers are the common rebellious teenagers because at this age teenagers are full of emotions but they just need some guide in their life. This table shows if rebellion is bad and the frequency of the students thinks it is bad. Discussion about behaviour will always work better, but not necessarily always work. Looking older Some teenagers grew up seeing adults smoke on television and in movies. And to alleviate that pain, sometimes a kid will rebel because they feel like they might as well; they can't do anything to please the parent, so they have nothing to lose in going a little nuts. A study of children six years after a parental marriage breakup revealed that even after all that time, these children tended to be lonely, unhappy, anxious and insecure. Mac Hannah Rayniel V. They understand that he doesn't want to face his parents, and the resulting punishment he'll receive for his expulsion from school. People use alcohol for numerous reasons.

Teenage pregnancies occur as a result of premarital sex, adolescent marriage, incest, rape and sexual abuse. In fact, if you have the sneaking suspicion that teenage rebellion may be inevitable, youre right!

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The boy knows it's wrong to vandalize the house, but his desire to fit into the group persuades him to participate in this rebellious act.

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Teenage Rebellion