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The Blame Game It is argued that the blame should be placed on both: 1.

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Tags Book reviews In this book the journalist Thomas Friedman shares his view on the world in the beginning of the 21st century. The World is Not Flat Precis: A big project was started in the post-war world to let countries grow and prosper and compete without using wars to do so. I was disappointed to see that, while the book often quotes other people and publications, there is not a footnote to be found. At least one can say that each furthered the other. Up to now, the best education was here. They do not mean to hurt us, but they do. Delivering goods doesn't have high margins, but repairing computers and in effect managing a supply chain does. That argument is slightly updated in The World Is Flat, though it contains no surprises for anyone who hasn't been locked in a cupboard for the past five years. But that is not to say that the vision itself was flawed. Today it costs about as much to connect to Guangdong as it does New Jersey. He or she then zaps it back to that McDonald's and the order is ready a few minutes later as you drive around to the pickup window. Friedman has a flair for business reporting and finds amusing stories about Wal-Mart, UPS, Dell and JetBlue, among others, that relate to his basic theme.

For comments, please send me an emailor reach out on Twitter. It ends with dire predictions of looming international competition, where, in Friedman's terms, industrialised economies will need to produce chocolate sauce rather than vanilla ice-cream.

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A good bit of the book is taken up with a discussion of these technological forces and the way in which business has reacted and adapted to them. It came to him after hearing an Indian software executive explain how the world's economic playing field was being leveled.

He does talk to a couple of economists, but he soon gets carried away and by page there is a full-blown crisis.

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He or she then zaps it back to that McDonald's and the order is ready a few minutes later as you drive around to the pickup window. The ultimate example is a detailed report on the computer company Dell's construction of Friedman's latest laptop.

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The UPS story is a classic example of this. The preparations for Y2K, the millennium bug, gave a huge impetus to this shift since most Western companies needed armies of cheap software workers to recode their computers. In the course of the book we learn much - too much - about Friedman's family, friends and eating habits, culminating in a paean to his school journalism teacher "I sit up straight just thinking about her! The rise of China and India is less about flatness than it is about dramatic upheavals in the mountains and valleys of the global geopolitical map. Historically, we have had the most advanced and desirable graduate schools in the world. What created the flat world? And while he does acknowledge political factors, they get little space in the book, which gives it a lopsided feel. Friedman spends a good chunk of the book outlining ways that America and Americans can place themselves in a position to do better. How in the world can it possibly be good for my daughters and millions of other young Americans that these Indians can do the same jobs as they can for a fraction of the wages? It was understood from the beginning that this was going to be an issue, but it was hoped that it could be worked around.

But the same holds true for people, money, ideas, and even cultures.

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