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Brocklehurst and strives to treat the students at Lowood with as much compassion as possible, even providing them with extra bread and cheese to supplement their meager meals.

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Miss Gryce Jane's roommate and fellow teacher at Lowood. She refuses to hate those who abuse her, trusts in God, and prays for peace one day in heaven.

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Miss Temple is presented as the foil to the cruel and stingy Mr. Like her sister, she serves as a model for Jane of an independent woman who is also able to maintain close relationships with others and a sense of meaning in her life. A Byronic hero , he has a face "dark, strong, and stern. Believing that he was tricked into that marriage, Rochester feels justified in pursuing his relationship with Jane. John pronounced "Sinjin" — are about Jane's age and well-educated, but somewhat poor. Miss Scatcherd The history and grammar teacher at Lowood. Later, he writes a letter to Miss Temple confirming Jane's account of her childhood and thereby clears Jane of Mrs.

She learns that Mr. Scratcherd, and, though Helen is distressed by the treatment, she remains unwavering in her beliefs.

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Jane then returns to Thornfield to find only blackened ruins. Miss Gryce Jane's roommate and fellow teacher at Lowood. John's life could have been more meaningful if he had ever accepted love. Oliver is the wealthiest man in Morton and attempts to use his wealth for the benefit of the town, particularly in terms of helping St. Reed, Jane's uncle, was the only member of the Reed family who was ever kind to Jane. Bertha is viewed as Jane's "double": Jane is pious and just, while Bertha is savage and animalistic. Rochester was mistaken, as her eyes are not hazel; they are in fact green. Eyre received Jane's letter about her impending marriage. The name Lowood symbolises the "low" point in Jane's life where she was maltreated. Briggs John Eyre's attorney, Briggs prevents Jane's bigamous marriage to Rochester and searches for her following her uncle's death so she can claim her inheritance. November Learn how and when to remove this template message Jane Eyre is an orphan living unhappily with her relations, the Reeds. She accidentally leaves her bundle of possessions on the coach and is forced to sleep on the moor. Because of his great affection for his sister Jane's mother , Mr. After their wedding, her mental health began to deteriorate, and she is now violent and in a state of intense derangement, apparently unable to speak or go into society. Grace is initially accused of perpetrating all of Bertha's sins in the household.

Lloyd The kindly apothecary who suggests Jane attend school at Lowood after her traumatic experience in the red-room at Gateshead. With that in mind, she faithfully turns the other cheek when accepting all the cruel punishments handed down at Lowood. Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise.

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Only after she has attained the financial independence and self-esteem to maintain a marriage of equality does Jane allow herself to marry Mr. Finally, like Jane, Charlotte became a governess. She is the first to tell Jane that the mysterious laughter often heard echoing through the halls is, in fact, the laughter of Grace Poole—a lie that Rochester himself often repeats. And Adopted Adele Varens. Brocklehurst has been embezzling school funds to line his own pockets. John River's marriage proposal. As the guard for the third-story prison, Grace's fondness for gin and occasional alcohol-induced naps allow Bertha to escape and wreak havoc in the house, including setting fire to Mr. It was originally published in three volumes in the 19th century, comprising chapters 1 to 15, 16 to 27, and 28 to John treats Jane with appalling cruelty during their childhood and later falls into a life of drinking and gambling. Reed has made against her.

She is then forced to stand on a stool with no food nor water and is called a "sinner". The novel ends happily for Jane: not only does she maintain her independence and live with the man she loves, she is able to overcome the social constraints of her position as governess and become a heroine with which every reader can relate.

The red room is significant because it lays the grounds for the "ambiguous relationship between parents and children" which plays out in all of Jane's future relationships with male figures throughout the novel.

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