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Like photos, sometimes the images are lighter in tone, sometimes darker and more threatening. Moreover, the theme of cultural alienation in the book appears to support the dominant idea among immigrants that venturing into unknown territory is already a monumental struggle, quite apart from the fact that the urgency of surviving on a daily basis in unknown lands is also a big challenge in itself. There are images that are fragments of personal documents officially stamped. The book also easily conveys the ideology that cultural estrangement is a real circumstance that no immigrant can entirely deny or escape. It is as if the man is not yet able to become friends with another human being but this creature becomes his companion. Who would be the intended audience for the text? Everything seemed to be, until I was fifteen. He moves to a world full of shadows and wonder, where very little seems familiar to him, with each person having their own fantastical creature, which is simply ordinary to them, and boats that sail in the sky. This changes, however, when we are given the stories of the three friends who are revealing their past lives. We'll take a look right away.

He is given food and friendship and eventually he finds work. The feeling of isolation, confusion, disconnection and overall not belonging, is very obvious here.

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The others are all drawings of objects with a similar purpose to those on the first page but they are different in shape and form.

As the days go by, the man meets an older fellow who explains his story of war, also leading him back to this inexplicable city which was now his personal safe haven.

Tan was known at his primary school as very talented artist.

the arrival shaun tan essay help

The city which our immigrant man must negotiate is unlike any city in reality. The surreal world that our protagonist enters hums with activity and industry, rather like perceptions of America, in contrast to the land he has just left.

Through hundreds of drawings, Shaun Tan has not only described events but has shown us nuances of emotion and built dramatic tension every bit as successfully as any literary prose writer.

While passing through this bright, mysterious city, the man sees numerous things which seem so alien to him.

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An Analysis of The Arrival by Shaun Tan