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For Dummies: The Podcast. Threats Lastly, list down external threats.

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A rigid technique is less important than a well-imagined result. Typical weaknesses include small staffs and scant resources.

Threats Local government the primary funding source projects a budget deficit during the next three fiscal years.

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Opportunities Closure and shrinking of nearby industries indicate that the client base will increase over the next ten years. How much time do they really have to give to the organization?

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When it comes to a nonprofit, the same is true. Identify the decision you want to make or the strategy you want to develop. It is no longer a hidden thing that non — profit organizations find it difficult to compete with corporate organizations when it comes to recruiting employees to occupy key positions. Creating an Action Plan The goal of SWOT analysis is to help nonprofit organizations produce an action plan to support what works, change what doesn't, seize on opportunities and minimize the threats to its operations. Look for advantages the nonprofit has that give it an edge toward fulfilling its mission. What is it for? Understanding the Organization's Opportunities The strategic thinkers must do an environmental scan and begin looking outside for the factors that help and hurt its chances of successfully implementing its plans. Other less noticeable weaknesses include being not so unique, a board that has little resource development experience, and an unclear mission. First, before you start, have every member of a team complete the SWOT on their own.

Threats that nonprofits typically encounter include very large nonprofits expanding into their base service areas and other nonprofits producing the same services.

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