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The determination and the falling activity are well put together in this play especially in the last part. He ends up plainly humiliated of this discovery notwithstanding all the safety measures that were taken by King Laius and his wife to avoid the prophecy being fulfilled and at last its fulfillment comes true. Its main plot is Oedipus' goal to find out his true identity, the result being his downfall by finding out he has married his own mother and killed his father Jocasta and King Oedipus come to know that the prophecy which they said will never happen has been fulfilled in them, they both become worried and go into a frenzy. The entry-song of the Chorus following the prologue heightens the feelings of pity and fear. On hearing this, king Oedipus remembers how he met a man on the way, the man threatened him and he killed him together with his servants but one servant escaped. He decided to kill the man and all his servants but one servant who was a shepherd was left. The falling activity is after the peak and guides the reader towards the determination. Essentially, he is telling us that Oedipus has a flaw The Role of Fate in Oedipus Rex words - 4 pages Fate plays a very important role in Oedipus Rex as it is clearly inescapable and is not subject to change by free will, or even the will of the Gods. The myths had the authority of history, for myth is in one of its aspects the only history of an age that kept no records Tragedy leads to an enrichment of our experience of human life. According to Aristotle, plot is one of the most important components of a tragedy.

We learn of the prophecy given to Laius and Jocasta that their son will kill his father and marry his mother. The determination and the falling activity are well put together in this play especially in the last part.

Using the Oedipus Rex by Sophocles as the basis for his book, Aristotle goes into great detail about plot, character, and much more, breaking up the components of a tragedy. This dialogue is a lament on the situation. The king is much concerned about the wellbeing of the Thebes people. On the surface of this drama there is, without a doubt, a tone of disillusionment. Oedipus tells the story of a king undone by a lack of faith in prophesy, the king of a people in need But even more pleasing though at the same time saddening is the spectacle of human endurance seen in Jocasta and Oedipus inflicting upon themselves a punishment that is awful and terrible. At long last, after a much heated debate Tiresias discloses to Oedipus that Oedipus murdered the King Laius. But as the play demonstrates, Oedipus, the man who killed his father Pride And Determination In Oedipus Rex words - 3 pages A man has many defining characteristics - some positive and some negative. The Plot in Oedipus Rex had a set pattern. There is a direct parallel in the demise of his household and city state which eventually comes to a full circle to destroy him. This, according to Aristotle, is the aesthetic function of tragedy. Essays may focus on an analysis of characters and their comparison with characters from other works, an analysis of human flaws, insecurities, and fears, interpretation and further exploration of the myth by other authors e. These work as premises for the further development of the plot. At times, a potentially positive characteristic may cause his eventual downfall. He appeals to Creon in moving words to look after them.

His daughters, laments Oedipus, will have to wander homeless and husbandless. Oedipus tells the story of a king undone by a lack of faith in prophesy, the king of a people in need Sophocles wrote Oedipus Rex, a play about a man who kills his father and marries his mother without realizing it.

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Dismayed by this allegation, Creon requests evidence, however, afore doing anything, Jocasta enters the room with an aim of mediating Jocasta was the wife to the late king Laius and also sister to Prince Creon and currently the wife to Oedipus. The rising activity of the play arises when a blind prophet is brought before the king.

Aristotle, Shakespearea reflection on guilt, innocence, freewill, etc.

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This paper shows what the play is saying about fate and free will. Oedipus is, therefore, essentially an innocent man, despite his sin of pride and tyranny.

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The punishment exceeds the crime. With the discovery of true facts, both the feelings of pity and fear reach their climax, with Oedipus lamenting his sinful acts of killing his father and marrying his mother.

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Essay on Oedipus the King: A Plot Driven Tragedy