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Societal Environment Economic Opportunities are booming in the industry because of the globalization.

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Marques, J. Differentiation as the key to success. Each step helps in analyzing the diverse parts of a companies business plan, essentially determining their overall balance amongst their Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

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Words: - Pages: 4 Starbucks Strategic Management In , Mr. Strategic Management Analysis Starbucks Corporation. Geereddy, N. They have only one store at that moment which is located in Seattle's pike place market. The essential characteristic of these countries that Starbucks needs to exploit is the increase of the middle-class population, which provides a significant number of new customers for the firm. Technological These factors include an increase in mobile-based buying, technology transfers to coffee farmers, and an increasing number of specialty coffee-making equipment for home use. Simply put a strategic audit is a formal examination of how successfully an organization is operating and how well it is using resources to work towards its goals over time Cambridge.

She also serves on the board of directors of DFS Group Limited, a retailer of luxury branded merchandise, and bebe stores, inc.

Looking at how the business sees itself in relation to the marketplace is the next step.

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However, over time, the company has embarked on adding new products to its portfolio. American novelist, Ernest Hemingway came on a personal visit with his wife. This aspect will make sure that future outlays can be controlled to some extent. A discerning audit identifies all of the resources available to a business, both human and in capital. Finally, increased healthy living awareness is also another opportunity for the company because it can diversify its products to attract health-conscious customers. BCG Matrix 15 3. Since the market today is generally open to new ideas and possibilities, as well as willing to spend more in products or services which they deem relevant, the company can be confident that any appropriate introduction of products and services in the market will have a particular level of support. It displays if the management team is in the same page and shares the same commitment as the company vision. Brizek, M. When reviewing the present day stats, Ford will still prove to be one of the premier automotive companies in the United States and continue to expand around the world. Lee currently serves as principal of Lee Management Consulting, a management consulting firm he founded. Oxford University Press. Regarding, the first two aspects, the company can be considered as engaging in what is expected.

An assessment of the external environment shows where change has happened and where strategic management no longer matches the demands of the marketplace. Handcrafted Beverages: Freshbrewed coffee, hot and iced espresso beverages, Frappuccino coffee and noncoffee blended beverages, smoothies and Tazo teas.

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They include the regional amalgamation of markets, the increasing legislative support for infrastructure development, and the administrative red tape in emerging economies. As such, the company can improve its performance in these two aspects Lemus et al.

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Finally, the coffee culture that Starbucks tries to perpetuate may not be widely accepted internationally as it is in the US. This may be an opportunity for Starbucks to show their support to particular parties which the management deems appropriate based also on the response of their market. The company has a workforce of over , individuals globally and serves over 5 million consumers on a weekly basis. Current Strategic Approaches As explained by Michael Porter, there are three possibly useful generic strategies. However, this will also enable possible competitors to enter into the market and gain a market share which may be detrimental to Starbucks. Lee worked with PepsiCo, Inc. Bibliography Adamy, J. An audit of management performance with regard to external strategies helps to identify problem areas and correct strategic approaches that are not effective. In an attempt to spread the Starbucks Experience globally, the firm has opted to focus on its core competency, which is coffee Adamy, The company is also too depends on the US market making its profitability dependent on the growth prospects of the US economy Geereddy, Harvard Business Press.

Finally, the field of technology represents another opportunity for the enterprise with the Starbucks mobile application facilitating mobile purchases from consumers Stinson, Bargaining Power of Buyers A diverse range of customers resulting in a situation where no single customer can demand a reduction in price marks the coffee sector.

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