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His basement is full of Python-themed toys, including various Holy Grail figurines and a Black Knight with removable limbs. And because they covered so much ground and experimented so broadly, they both influenced and challenged the sketch comedy that followed. Galahad, who is traditionally played by a male, and two of the minstrels. Otto, any particular casting innovations, use of girls in non-traditional casting stuff? Spamalot is a comedy where everything is humorous and light hearted. We precede We also get lots of great questions about the show from folks who are ready to take the Python-plunge but need a nudge, nudge to send the money and put it on their season. I love actors, and trust them to bring their own sensibility to the play.

The current West End production really takes it back to just a bare-bones production values thing and it is awesome, too. So thanks for that! My favorite scene was one where the Frenchmen were up on the balcony mocking King Arthur and the rest of the Knights of the round table, this was one of the funniest moments of the play.

We eventually committed to using them in performance. The hapless King Arthur seeks Knights and the titular chalice accompanied by his knave, Patsy. Otto, any particular casting innovations, use of girls in non-traditional casting stuff? He crouched near Idle, and whisper-asked if he would like some water.

The result is far more popular than penetrating, interesting or important. It was simultaneously a perfect booming Broadway ballad and a ruthless taking apart of the booming Broadway ballad.

Spamalot has been one of those. It was Idle who toured extensively in andperforming Python songs with a band and back-up singers.

Spamalot response

I gotta run to the little girls room. Each window was about 14 feet high and created a wonderful visual.

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And…lean into the mic when you talk just a little there. But Idle has always, it seemed, been happy to have been a Python, happy to talk about Python, happy to revisit the group's glory days.

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