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This conflict between parents may have adverse effects on parent-child relationships, especially between mother and son Kline et al.

To investigate whether the effect of parental separation varied according to the time of the separation, three groups of infants were considered: infants with intact families, infants whose parents had undergone separation prior to the month visit includedand those whose parents had separated between the 36 and the month visits included.

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It got me to wondering, what about the children? Americans who give up religion. Inthe rate of marriage for women was Parental divorce and child mental health trajectories.

Unmarried women are more likely to remain in poverty compared with married individuals and unmarried men Edwards The change in residence may lead to loss of friends, school environment, and other support systems.

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Women who experience divorce face a 27 percent decrease in their standard of living Stratton Journal of Divorce and Remarriage Importantly, a recent Harvard study on single-parent families revealed that the most prominent factor preventing many children from upward mobility is living with a single parent Chetty et al.

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Children from Divorced Families Essay