Research paper on autopsy

But assessment of cause of death is most important for medico-legal, epidemiological and research purposes. For the student, the main benefit of writing an Autopsy module versus a stand-alone program is that Autopsy takes care of handling file systems, deleted files, and the UI.

Its advantages include avoiding reluctance of relatives of deceased for consenting autopsy, least disfigurement of the body, requirement of less instrumentation and mush less time, and cost of the whole procedure. Extremely cost effective Autopsy is free to download, use, change, develop, and use for instruction.

Maude Abbott, one of the first women to attend McGill University in Canada, who worked in the early s. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC.

autopsy shows no cause death

It is unequivocal the value of such findings when we consider that residents and doctors in training were able to learn from the discrepancies detected. Autopsy or postmortem examination is gold standard in this respect from ages to find the cause of death and to study diseases.

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The autopsy as the cornerstone for education and research in cardiology