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Nothing burns.

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It seems as though she is contemplating drugs as a relief from her passive, stagnant life. Emphasise on the fact she cannot feel here. Plath did not seek to create comfortable illusions with her poetry, but to unfold the truth of mental and emotional suffering, and she has done so perfectly in this poem. Throughout the poem Plath uses long, broad vowel sounds to convey her depression, her lethargy and her desire to find a numbed state. For Plath to put her hands among these flames suggest self-harm, this notion will ultimately lead to her suicide. Placing this line at the end and repeating the word emphasises how much she wishes for this release. Self-harm is, somehow, an unaddressed problem in society these days as many people have been desensitized towards it.

Line Again she repeats the desire for pain or sleep rather than be as she is. Note too the sense of claustrophobia suggested by the reference of Plath being inside a specemin jar.

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But to get to the point that you feel the need to hurt yourself physically to keep you sane, to keep you linked in some way to the real world, is a terrible thing. They are compared to the wrinkled, red skin of a mouth. Line Referring back to the title the flowers should inspire happiness and beauty but they exhaust Plath. She is drained by the whole process of coping, managing, existing. Consequently, she uses images from the world around her to portray her attitude and her feelings toward her inner self. Placing this line at the end and repeating the word emphasises how much she wishes for this release. She is sick of life and tired of love and Hughes, in the end everything is colourless — she longs for the poppies to take her away from this world and it looks as though suicide is imminent. Asking if they do any harm seems to be Plath looking for pain. At least this way she would be feeling something! Though these images and concepts are quite unnerving, the poem aptly describes the pain of heartbreak. Poem wrote during the breakup of her marriage Feelings of numbness and despair The only way she can see that she exists or escaping this numbness is through pain or becoming drugged. This violent imagery may be another hint towards her desire to self harm: she would like to feel the pain of being punched in the mouth, because it is better than feeling nothing at all. Nothing burns. But the structure of the thought in 6 and 7 makes it clear that even this option seems inaccessible. Fire imagery continues.

They also produce opium, a powerful drug known for its narcotic effects. This shows her desire for some sort of pain to show herself that she can in fact still feel.

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Little bloody skirts! A dark, despairing mood. She needs these drugs and pain, and she needs them now. She juxtaposes the broad vowel sounds with more lively slender tones to describe the flowers.

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