Patricia hampl memory and imagination essay

Our most ancient metaphor says life is a journey. But in the act of remembering, the personal environment expands, resonates beyond itself, beyond its "subject," into the endless and tragic recollection that is history.

She sneezed as she stood at the windows with the sun shedding its glare over her. Beyond that confusion, who knows who is running the projector?

Or was it? I see a more acute version of the episode or -- this is more likely -- an entirely new piece rising from the ashes of the first attempt. Thankfully, she did all that for me.

Sister Olive, dressed in the colors of the keyboard, gleamed; middle C shimmered with meaning and I resolved never -- never -- to forget its location: it was the center of the world.

From the beginning, the whole idea of a parent who expected so much out of you, brings back so many memories of how I grew up having to do specifically what my parents wanted me to do.

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We must acquiesce to our experience and our gift to transform experience into meaning and value. In terms of structure, I felt that the initial image was offered up somewhat like a coda in a musical piece, every time it repeated, every time she went back to her source, the reader learns something new in the art of writing memoir.

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Thoughts on Patricia Hampl’s Essay “Memory and Imagination”