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Colin Campbell Colin Campbell is a designer showroom catering to the architectural and design community in Western Canada, with showrooms in Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton.

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Bing Thom Architects Bing Thom is a Vancouver-based architectural firm with a holistic approach to project design and implementation. They measured their baseline inventory using the calendar year.

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They are committed to reducing their GHG emissions through a variety of activities, including exploring electric equipment options to replace golf equipment, signing up for the BEA program and the Fortis BC Energy Assessment and engaging employees to increase staff awareness of the Climate Smart program. A community of approximately located in Bon Homme County, Scotland has held the community festival for 50 years. Premiering Wednesday, Oct. Do things change on the fly? They are committed to providing competitively priced insurance products, a fair and timely response to claims, and quality customer service. Although sinkholes can result from natural, geologic processes, human activities can speed up those processes. Clayburn Village Community Society The Clayburn Village Community Society is the successor to the Clayburn Athletic Society which was originally established in to promote community spirit with recreational, cultural and athletic endeavors. Cadillac Fairview has demonstrated a commitment to reducing their GHG emissions at these two locations through large scale energy efficiency building retrofits, and waste diversion programs that include recycling, compost and waste-to-energy programs. Learn about flightless birds such as ostriches, emus, rheas, cassowaries and kiwis — all of whom have evolved independent of each other on different continents. For full schedules and more information, visit SDPB. Clues in medieval burials in England may offer insight into physiological reasons for the formation of modern vampire myths. Clear Technologies Inc.

Indicates locally produced programming. They measured their most recent greenhouse gas emissions inventory for their fiscal year.

Burley Boys is working to reduce its emissions by conserving paper, cutting back on jobsite trips, and reducing distances traveled for green waste disposal. They measured their baseline inventory using their fiscal year.

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They have completed two years of inventories, having measured their emissions inventory during the and calendar year.

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