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Students do need to experience a wide range of learning activities and are required to meet many outcomes within their schooling. I will assist my students to express themselves and accept themselves for who they are, as well embrace the differences of others.

The cognitive based philosophy highlights a program that encourages students to build knowledge in an atmosphere molded around active exploration. Janelle Cox has an M. We have included four different rubrics for you to choose from.

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I believe that I owe it to my students, as well as the community, to bring consistency, diligence, and warmth to my job in the hope that I can ultimately inspire and encourage such traits in the children as well. It also shows that the candidate is receptive to feedback and able to incorporate that into their approach. How might you learn new skills? Article Table of Contents Skip to section Expand. I will use strategies to ensure our classroom community will flourish, like the morning meeting, positive vs. However, proper verification and investigation of those policies have not been done yet and the outlet is really not promising Suh, It is not another program to be implemented on top of everything else, to achieve something, but something that can be felt completely from the way each of us, as teachers, chooses to be first with ourselves, and then with others. It is a result of what makes sense to them and has meaning. I feel that if I can help students become more intelligent and courteous citizens, then I have completed my job successfully. Remember that a teaching philosophy is different than a pedagogic theory. Ohio State University's Center for the Advancement of Teaching further explains that a teaching philosophy statement is important because a clear philosophy of teaching can lead to a change in teaching behavior and foster professional and personal growth.

When the voice of each student is heard, and environment evolves where students feel free to express themselves. This will help make your philosophy even more concrete.

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Both of these philosophies cooperate with my beliefs; however, my beliefs do differ in some aspects. A Living and Lived philosophy! Professional growth How will you continue growing as a teacher? Without my teachers, this paper would not be possible and it is a known fact that good teachers are few and far between. For students to construct knowledge, they need the opportunity to discover for themselves and practice skills in authentic situations. The students of today are the leaders of tomorrow. I believe that every student is different with an individual way of learning and their own set of needs and gifts that are brought to the classroom. No matter which style you choose, make sure to keep your writing succinct. I want to help society the best way that I know how. If you have already been speaking for a couple of minutes, or if you feel that the interviewer wants to move on, you can skip this part.

I will provide a safe environment where students are invited to share their ideas and take risks. For each statement, how would you describe what happens in your classroom?

In my teaching practice I know that children thrive when they: Are engaged with eye contact and a caring voice. The children feel this level of self-responsibility and they feel safe and nurtured which allows for freedom of expression and joy within the kids, and thus an excellent learning environment is created.

What happens in a successful learning situation?

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You might find it useful to compare your draft to other teaching philosophies in your discipline. I now understand the primary importance of self-care and the ripple effect it has on others.

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The Teaching Philosophy of Exceptional Children Essay