Miracle on ice impact on america

Another aspect of that famous game that few Americans recall is that the win over Russia was not for the gold medal.

Miracles do happen. After only 2 minutes, they reclaimed their advantage after a shot from Alexander Maltsev rang off the post and into the American net.

why was the miracle on ice important to the cold war

Professional players, many from the NHL, are playing in the Olympics nowadays — we no longer see the matchups of amateur against professional. Right Wing Eric Strobel, 59, had a short-lived professional career due to injuries and later became a telephone sales executive in Minnesota. The Soviets dominated play in the second period, outshooting the United Statesand taking a lead with a goal by Alesandr Maltsev just over two minutes into the period.

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The Soviets would score and the crowd at Lake Placid would moan. The political influences during sports in the Cold War era were both direct and indirect.

miracle on ice 1981
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