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Palatalization processes in standard Macedonian: A non-linear approach.

phd thesis in english grammar

Mississippi and Teche Creole. Taylor, Ben. Facts Length of study programme: 2 years Restricted admission: Yes. Communicative competence in style shifting: a study of the style shifting strategies of a group of Samoan speakers of English.

Shameem, Nikhat. Language choice, code-switching and language shift in Antakya, Turkey. Sentence-final expressions— rasii and yoo. A corpus of contemporary colloquial Samoan. Talking at cross-purposes?

English language master thesis

Keegan, Peter J. In the first two semesters, you will take eight core courses each worth 7. Smith, Joan. Wang, S. PhD Thesis. A syntactic analysis of Cantonese verb sequencing. We focus on the acquisition of English. PhD Thesis, University of Canterbury. An information theoretic approach to language relatedness. Yaghi, H. Smiler, Kirsten. World Englishes: Social and Linguistic Perspectives This course provides insight into the historical reasons behind the global expansion of the English language. Sukarno, Wahyono. The contract of supervision must be filled out and submitted to your student adviser. Paviour-Smith, Martin.

Hay, Jennifer. Ji, Fengyuan. A sociolinguistic and social psychological study of Korean communities in New Zealand: language maintenance and second language learning. Setiawan, Slamet.

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