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Although our country is one of the cleanest in Europe in terms of air quality, changes indicate that there are variuos issues at national, municipal and local level.

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State enterprise, Monuments of Lithuania, responsible for management of conservation, restoration works, design and applied researches, is also subordinate to the Department. Most people work in industry and trade areas in all municipalities. Compared to the EU, more people receive relatively low income in Lithuania and much more people would not be able to cover their unexpected expenses.

Main page Grants for the Arts Grants for the Arts Following the priorities of culture policy and in order to ensure the conditions for the diverse development and dissemination of Lithuanian culture and arts, the Lithuanian Council for Culture provides funding for culture and arts projects by means of the Culture Support Fund.

Its will formulate solutions that will last untiland the proposed vision will be valid up until Although indicators are improving, people who think that life is getting worse have increased significantly over the decade, however, other EU countries have experienced similar changes.

The objective of the CPTRL preparation process is to analyse, evaluate, discuss with stakeholders and propose a common and integrated vision of spatial, environmental, social and economic development of the territory of the country, to formulate priorities and directions of use and protection in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Territorial Planning of the Republic of Lithuania, based on international recommendations and good practices of the integrated planning of the EU countries.

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Promotion of Diversity in Culture and Arts within European Cultural Heritage