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So, any act taken against Kent becomes one against Lear. What makes you cringe? There is something magical about the creative power that is within literature. His spectacle of dividing the kingdom between his daughters confuses their obligations to him as subjects with their filial obligations, duties which are not necessarily equivalent.

Femininity, throughout King Lear, is linked to treason, madness, and inconstancy. Additionally, she expresses no animosity toward Lear, instead she asks her sisters to care for him.

This allows our team to focus on improving the library and adding new essays. The Fool shows his loyalty and appreciation through his bluntness, but he speaks and acts with good and true intentions towards King Lear. His loyalty was not wavered by Lear's unjust treatment.

This is a complicated relationship. One of the meanings of the work as a whole in King Lear is that loyalty doesn 't always have to be born of blood.

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This fact is proof that she displays this pure form of discrete loyalty. It is a nice paradox — when obeisance seems most complete, it is most unlikely. The play centres on Lear, an aging king who, in his retirement, decides to divide his kingdom between his three daughters while retaining the title and privileges of being king. Cordelia, Edgar and Kent are all characters that exemplify this goodness and unwavering loyalty. At the beginning of the play, Shakespeare had introduced him as a man of great power and authority. Later on, the Fool decides that he is better off being with King Lear, and accompanies him through his miserable journey to help guide him. When Kent initially identified himself as a physician, he meant, metaphorically, a physician to the health of the state. Even when Lear begs for her forgiveness she insists that she has no cause to be offended. That would be unnecessary, though. The first letter that appeared on the stage is Edmund's false letter. The duty that Lear expects can only be acquitted by speaking. Therefore the part he played in this tragedy was the tragic hero. Lear has begun to detail his disappointment in Cordelia, and announce that he will not be providing her with a dowry.
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Writing Through Literature: King Lear Essay; Loyalty Over Power