Jordan geography essay

Daqamseh expressed pride for his actions, and he was later called a "hero" by Jordanian politician Hussein Mjalli. This region was known historically as the Land of Gilead, and is characterized by higher elevations and cooler temperatures.

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As I looked at the dam, he told me the Romans built it, and that every ruling people after took advantage of the resource, adding to and strengthening the dam. The sea's greatest depth is about meters, and it thus reaches a point more than meters below sea level.

Caleb, one of the twelve, a courageous and loyal colleague of Joshua, silenced the crowd.

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While I find most people generally hospitable and helpful wherever I travel, Jordanians seem to go the extra mile. Buildings and homes are made of concrete, and some are made of mud and stone, with a design that allows more floors to be added, to create apartments for married sons.

Typical for forgotten qasr, they often look like a pile of rocks until you clamber over them. Land ownership is the goal of many, but few can afford the cost. The Dead Sea occupies the deepest depression on the land surface of the earth.

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If a woman's chastity is compromised, a male relative may feel obligated to murder her to save the family's honor. We spent only a couple days in the country: a few hours in Wadi Rum and an overnight in Petra. The gun is one of the most important tools in the defense of our nation. In , King Abdullah ordered that government workers be given Fridays and Saturdays off, hoping they would find time to develop new interests and travel to sites such as Petra. Shortly, after being appointed and consulting with the parliament, the prime minister in June announced that the government would withdraw the new tax bill. I am proud of any Muslim who does what Ahmad did. It is located in a remote part of southern Jordan.

After 40 days, they returned telling stories of a great land flowing with milk and honey that was inhabited by a powerful people living in large well-fortified cities. The long-standing Palestinian presence in Jordan has altered and complicated the creation of a cohesive national identity, a project which Jordan has struggled with since its independence.

Geography[ edit ] The Sea of Galilee. Elections were held in and Instead, tourism remains one of its main economic prospects.

Jordan geography essay

Although most Palestinian descendants are now citizens of Jordan, they still heavily identify with their origins. Nongovernmental Organizations and Other Associations Nongovernmental organizations are involved with the environment, women, children, and economic issues. The western edge of this plateau country forms an escarpment along the eastern side of the Jordan River -Dead Sea depression and its continuation south of the Dead Sea. Uniformed PLO militants openly carried weapons, set up checkpoints, and attempted to extort "taxes". Any treatment of this line shall be without prejudice to the status of the territory. With Al Maghtas Jordan has the historically oldest site, with archaeological finds from the earliest periods of Christian worship. Throughout the entire war, Jordanian Arab Legion forces as well as Iraqi military forces crossed the Jordan valley to support the Arab effort in the central sector, the current West Bank. Occasional jumbles of sandstone hills or low mountains support only meager and stunted vegetation that thrives for a short period after the scanty winter rains. Streets are identified and numbered in an inefficient manner, and maps are hard to read and often useless. Coupled with Israeli reluctance to cross the British Mandate border in this sector, American diplomatic pressure, and needs on additional fronts the war ended with the sides opposing one another across the Jordan Valley. The Jordan River. National Identity. When the Ottoman Empire collapsed after four hundred years of rule, Britain divided up the Fertile Crescent, and modern Jordan was born. There, scattered across the rocks, are several small divots note keys for scale. Atmospheric pressures during the summer months are relatively uniform, whereas the winter months bring a succession of marked low pressure areas and accompanying cold fronts.
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Essay on Jordan: Cultural Patterns and Economic Activity