Jcs 200 week 7 jail and prisons response

For prisons in out-of-the-way, undesirable locations, additional incentives ought to be provided to hire and retain quality staff.


Many guys do nothing here; for them, they are just existing. Left untreated and unstable, they enter the criminal justice system when they break the law. At times, institutional routines are also ill-adapted to meet the needs of persons who are elderly and who have disabilities. Correctional mental health professionals work in facilities run by security staff according to rules never designed for or intended to accommodate the mentally ill.

The existing mental health system bypasses, overlooks, or turns away far too many potential clients. This difference was not significant at the week assessment Though past retirement age, many choose to continue working only because the alternative is being locked up or isolated in their cells.

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U.S. Prisons and Offenders with Mental Illness