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There just isn't enough interest from buyers on this subject. Also, please note that I will NOT be revealing the actual book on Amazon in order to prevent copy cats or other negative consequences I've seen from previous projects I've shared publicly.

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People are drawn in by facts and figures. Learn more about the paperback submission process. Subtitle for supporting benefits People want to know what they are going to get after reading your book. I want to find the subcategory that most closely matches the book that I plan to write. This is where your street team comes into play. My book has a lot of images. It looks at the number of copies sold. That software tool is Publisher Rocket. There are lots of self-publishing services and self-publishing companies that can help out in this process…but this is a step by step guide on how to do it on your own. The final format of the eBook should be a PRC. By using your own intuition and seeing what books on similar topics are selling well, you can quickly narrow down what the actual subject matter of your book should be. Kindle suggests you write it in Word because if you decide to format this yourself, you must save your file to a filtered.

It looks at the number of copies sold. Okay, there's more to it than a title…but the title IS part of it. This is way above the 10, threshold that I mentioned earlier. Kindle Direct Publishing When you enroll in this program, your eBook is locked in for 90 days.

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Make the Primary Title Catchy or Memorable Not every book is going to have a clear promise in the first few words of its title. Plan for Future Success If you are looking to build a long term self publishing success, you don't want to be a one hit wonder. If you want to sell your book, you need to use some marketing tactics…and the subtitle is a great chance to do that. I want to find the subcategory that most closely matches the book that I plan to write. Do not use headers, footers, or any sexy font because it will not translate on the Kindle; they have standard fonts. No, but here's a list of other companies that specialize in professional publishing services. Just do some free flowing brainstorming on your specific topic and you are sure to start coming across some topics that could perform well. I believe his title and subtitle are a huge reason why its been a best selling book for quite some time now. That matters to me more than money. Promote your eBook amidst sending relevant, valuable tweets. But the title of a book is so critical. Because my primary goal is to get you to read the book and use it to change your life. According to successful self-published authors like Steve Scott and Jonny Andrews, you want to eventually build up your library of book titles. This book is ranked overall!

This is where your street team comes into play. First you want to make sure that people are actually buying books in this niche.

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For a free tool that can help you prepare eBooks with lots of images and complex formatting e. Step 2: Do you have a platform? Step 4: Tools to download before formatting You will need to download a few things to preview and format your eBook. The reader is now intrigued with what the small habits are but also knows that they are easily attainable.

Page break. Hubspot released a blog post with 74 compelling title formulas. This is not an exact science, but here are a few tips that I've picked up along the way.

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