English business writing course amsterdam

The sessions will be quite intense, we recommend not to miss any of them and attend all the sessions. Students will have access to the kitchen which they can use in case of need. Price The fee for the course is euro. Common mistakes — a tutor will talk about some common mistakes in communication in English which are often made by non-English speakers and provide the recommendations on how to avoid them.

Often a lack of English proficiency can be a hurdle which stops many people developing in their careers.

english course amsterdam

This workshop is aimed at small groups where each member can receive personal attention from a tutour and will be given personalised feedback and recommendations to improve their own English, not for the group as a whole.

Each student will receive an individual feedback and recommendations on how to improve English. The tutor will slightly adjust the programs trying to address the questions raised by participants.

english courses in amsterdam university

We offer comfortable accommodation where students can stay during the program and fully enjoy their time in Amsterdam! The course will allow you to move to the next level in your knowledge of English!

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