Education is key to obtaining peace

role of education in peace and development

Education has been touted as one of the most powerful tools we can implement in our global efforts to promote world peace. This fear can often lead to anger, and anger to violence. This change is tinged with anxiety. When you are able to get an education it will help you to better analyze yourself and your skills, so you can excel.

The end of World War I — brought powerful support for the need for international cooperation and understanding and helped instill a desire to include these ideas in educational systems.

importance of peace education

Novelli said that it is fundamental to treat conflict-affected countries individually and to understand the particularities of each situation. He believed that the more we understand, the more we see, and when we gain wisdom, we also breed compassion within us.

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Discrepancies between groups. Such programs assume that information about the values, customs, and practices of the members of a different culture contributes to better understanding of others, thereby reducing prejudices, negative stereotypes, and tensions between people who belong to different cultures.

But according to Ms. An important aspect of conflict is that it includes potential for change, and it is in this context that peace education addresses the issues of conflict and conflict resolution by teaching students how to take creative approaches to the conflict and how to find different possibilities for the conflict resolution.

In this way, you feel that you are doing the very enjoyable thing to get success in your life. Combat ignorance whenever you encounter it: All forms of ignorance and prejudices are rooted in the lack of knowledge and fear.

Education for peace pdf

Education also leads to self-sufficiency, which frees us to spend more time and resources to dedicate our lives to larger global causes. From the individual psychological point of view one thinks in terms of educating a complete person. It helps society to develop socially and economically. The modern liberal theory puts the individual's equality, values, and rights in the center of a successfully functioning society. Is the ultimate way to improve communication skills, enhance your perspective, and refine your personal skills as well as your technical skills. Did you like this post? We can say that education is a success factor for civilization, socialization, professional and personal growth. According to Allport's theory, for the intergroup contact to be successful and accomplish positive changes in attitudes and behavior, it must fulfill four basic conditions: the contact groups must be of equal status, the contact must be personal and manifold, the groups must depend on each other working for a superordinate goal, and there must be institutional support for the equality norm. Nevertheless, the importance of accepting the specific situations in which programs for peace are being implemented and held should be emphasized. And with these careers in place, many come back to work within their communities and support their families, often promoting peace. For the culture of peace to become established, it is necessary to accept the principles of uniqueness in diversity and to establish the social norms of respect, dignity, and the rights of every individual. When discussing the evolution of peace education, however, there have been a few important points in history that defined its aims and actions.
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Podcast # Education is key to peace and social development