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Candy explains: "Most government policies on education, and many institutional policies and mission statements as well, stress the development of independence, autonomy, and the ability to control their own affairs as major objectives for learners of all ages.

Role play is defined as an experience around a specific situation that contains two or more different viewpoints or perspectives.

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The Role of the Learners' Experiences. Continuing Education Continuing education is a broad term. Discussion Discussion is the prototypic teaching method for active learning McKeachie, They have the freedom to learn in their own way. Knowles's theory of adult education suggested that adults succeed in situations where they are highly motivated, where they can participate in the learning process, and where learning content had practical applications. Remember that you can always get help when you need it. Case Studies Case studies are narratives, situations, data samplings, or statements that present unresolved and provocative issues, situations, or questions. When adults participate in a positive learning experience that follows the six assumptions of andragogy presented above, they are more likely to retain what they have learned and apply it in their work environment. Use of case studies can result in better retention, recall, and use of learning outside the training McKeachie, Second, since there is a pragmatic threat that adult students will not submit to learning that is not acceptable and useful to them, there is a belief among teachers that they should not strictly impose their values and beliefs if they can avoid doing this.

Knowledge is not inherently ordered or structured. The implications of these assumptions are clearly that learning should be largely based on individuals' experiences and focused on life situations and life goals.

College is a very different environment from high school and things may have changed significantly in the past 10 to 20 years due to advancements in technology.

Trainers using discussion pose a problem, monitor discussion, and summarize when completed Indiana University Teaching Handbook, Many self-directed adult learners prefer a learning community with whom they can interact and discuss questions and issues.

Indiana University Teaching Handbook Also, there is a class dimension to individualism. Because knowledge is basically idiosyncratic, it is most difficult to judge whether one person's knowledge is better than another's.

Teaching strategies: Effective discussion leading. Study smart and save time by being more strategic in your approach to learning. Citation Press pp.

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The first, called radical subjectivism, holds that each person is entirely the author of his or her own knowledge, and that there is no independent objective world outside of the individual mind.

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The Basics of Adult Learning