Defining attributes of the concept of pain in nursing

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He closed his eyes when Allison talked to him, but was very cooperative. D is a year-old male who was a minister. Walker and Avant , p. Pain management will be most auspicious when the patient is acknowledged as an equal partner in the process. Hester, N. In the J. A number of antecedents facilitate the occurrence of pain management. Improving pain management begins with reflection on our reactions, values and beliefs surrounding pain and how these have the potential to influence the care we provide Briggs, Allison observed that when his family was with him, they prayed together.

The impact of pain on quality of life. Allison would ask how Mr.

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I only have physical discomfort. Pain management as a process takes time.

Defining attributes of the concept of pain in nursing

Modulation refers to altering the pain e. Therefore a consequence of achieving pain management is improved quality of life. It is essential that the person who has pain is involved in the planning and evaluation of their treatment. X was taught how to use each of the multimodal strategies. P was the recipient of rather than an active participant in the pain management process. Pain can act as warning signs for tissue trauma or treatment aid. When his family was present they always prayed together. The sources where the required data for analysis was obtained were Nursing Index, ProQuest, and Ovid databases. When Allison took care of him, she found that Mr. Intervention to reduce the pain using medication and other skills, e. I am the only one left in my family. As well as facts empirical evidence , personal values and beliefs inform decision-making. The concept analysis consist of several steps to complete the process. Montes-Sandoval suggests that pain is probably one of the most widely experienced and expressed phenomena in nursing practice.

Once the threat is removed, the feeling of fear is forgotten easily. She feels that despite pain management being a commonly used term in practice it is poorly defined.

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Carr, E. P stopped using the strategies and was later re-admitted to hospital. Mild pain could be referred to as discomfort.

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The Concept Analysis of Pain Essay Example