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On the other hand, the online notes I have provided for you on the syllabus can be consulted in order to help you generate ideas and refine your thinking with respect to these works, and you may incorporate information from these notes in your paper if you feel it is relevant to your argument.

A common essay assignment for a literature class asks you to compare several works by the same or different authors. Similarities outweigh differences: Although Darwin and Lamarck came to different conclusions about whether acquired traits can be inherited, they shared the key distinction of recognizing that species evolve over time.

Your goal is to argue a thesis and to support that argument with pertinent details from the work itself to include brief summaries of key plot details as well as direct quotations. Please carefully consider this important hint: You do not need a refined thesis in order to start writing.

She is a college professor of literature and composition. Use Quotations as Evidence In a literature essay, you must provide evidence from both texts, in the form of direct quotations, to support your comparisons.

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Other Considerations: Give your paper a creative, interesting title. Write a Thesis Statement A thesis statement gives your essay a focus. Their approach to teaching is beneficial to a diverse community because students respond differently to learning. But where's the argument? To write a good compare-and-contrast paper, you must take your raw data—the similarities and differences you've observed—and make them cohere into a meaningful argument. You need to indicate the reasoning behind your choice. How to start In every, essay introduction is necessary because it provides the reader the idea of is to follow in the following paragraphs. Do they extend, corroborate, complicate, contradict, correct, or debate one another? Such an essay should address a meaningful, coherent focus that goes beyond a superficial comparison or discussion to a thoughtful examination of the works. A final word on the subject Please undertake comparison analysis of literature thoughtfully and with care. Avoid unnecessary plot summary. The frame of reference may consist of an idea, theme, question, problem, or theory; a group of similar things from which you extract two for special attention; biographical or historical information.

WhatsApp Comparative analysis essay As part of academic requirements, students will be asked to write an essay that compares two different texts, people, theoretical ideas or historical events.

The example should seem weak to you. A simple descriptive comparison, however, would NOT be an effective or successful response to the assignment.

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She does not follow strict guidelines, she gives each student individualized attention. Janise, Madam Mary strictness is visible because she ensures that students hand in their class work. A comparative analysis essay focus on finding the most significant differences or similarities about facts or events. Your thesis should matter to you, and you should be able to imagine that your thesis would matter to any other member of our class. If the stories share a particular theme, you can make a point about the similarities or differences in how the themes are manifested. Here's another way of stating this: I don't want to read papers in which students merely mirror my interpretations. The conclusion is the last section of an essay, a good conclusion gives the audience something to think about or an enlightened reason. A new technology and the French Revolution B new technology and the Russian Revolution A military strategy and the French Revolution B military strategy and the Russian Revolution A administrative system and the French Revolution B Paragraph 6 in body administrative system and the Russian Revolution Note that the French and Russian revolutions A and B may be dissimilar rather than similar in the way they affected innovation in any of the three areas of technology, military strategy, and administration. Professors often like the alternating system because it generally does a better job of highlighting similarities and differences by juxtaposing your points about A and B. Some teachers can be bad while others are good. Otherwise, if you attempt to impose the alternating method, you will probably find it counterproductive. For example, you might decide that in Great Expectations, being a true gentleman is not a matter of manners or position but morality, whereas in The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, being a true gentleman is not about luxury and self-indulgence but hard work and productivity. Develop a thesis based on the relative weight of similarities and differences Once you have listed similarities and differences, decide whether the similarities on the whole outweigh the differences or vice versa. You should absolutely examine the works in which you are interested by taking note of all the important ways in which they are alike and different. A paper without such a context would have no angle on the material, no focus or frame for the writer to propose a meaningful argument.
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