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This realigned the canal to the south of its former course; the locks here are still referred to — without irony — as "The New 'Uns" by traditional boaters, and the term has been passed on to a new generation of canal users.

It then heads westward over level ground through SouthallHayes and West Drayton until it reaches the gentle valley of the Colne. The Regent's Canal and the Grand Junction Canal agreed that amalgamation and modernisation were the only way to remain competitive.

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Above the eighth lock down the flight, a short arm now used as pleasure craft moorings used to serve Southam cement works. The locks on the canal are partially numbered: numbered consecutively south of its turn-off for Leicester, Braunston Junction.

At the north-west end of the summit level is Bulbourne Works, where lock gates were manufactured until for the southern canal network. Beyond the top lock is Norton Junction where the Leicester line not strictly a branch heads off north. The main line may be considered to terminate at Bordesley Junction.

Set "Firefox will:" to "Use custom settings for history" and uncheck "Accept cookies". At Cow Roast Lock the canal reaches the 3-mile 5-km summit at Tring in the Chiltern hills, having risen through 54 locks since Brentford.

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