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This is where the bulk of the novel picks up. This dog has a fairly heightened grasp on his surroundings compared to real dogs. Moritz, Patrick Dempsey, Tania Landau. And when Zoe arrives, he is immediately protective and utterly devoted.

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The charges are dropped and Denny wins full custody of his daughter. There is only dishonor in not racing because you are afraid to lose.

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Camera color : Ross Emery. Check out my website. Keep the pup close to help clear the tears. We know very well that opposable thumbs and being able to drive are fine, but they can't compare to the true-heartedness that dogs bring to the humans lucky enough to be loved by them. A year later, Denny meets Eve Amanda Seyfried while grocery shopping and the two begin to date. Producers: Neal H. And Eve comes to love Enzo, who is at first wary and a bit jealous of "the attention he lavished on her with her opposable thumbs and plump bottom," but who comes to love Eve, too. Plus poop humor. The dog as narrator might be why it took me a decade to finally read it. Denny arrives but finds Enzo unable to move, as Enzo begins to narrate his life. He begins his narration by referencing a documentary about Mongolian farmers he once saw, where their best dogs are given a sacred burial and are believed to come back as humans with the wisdom they gathered in their previous four-legged lives. What follows is tragedy, loss, betrayal, forgiveness and redemption.

Over the next few weeks, Enzo's health begins to rapidly deteriorate. Furious, Denny attempts to leave before being grabbed by Maxwell, who falls and breaks a rib in the resulting scuffle. Running time: MIN. Executive producers: Donald J.

Struggling to keep pace in his old age, Enzo attempts to follow Denny across a street but is hit by a car. He recalls a television documentary which showcased Mongolian beliefs that once a dog dies, they are reincarnated as a human.

We cannot help wondering about these creatures who live with us, who observe the most intimate details of our lives, who love us so unconditionally, who comfort us so compassionately, who seem to have no other purpose but to be our companions.

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