An evaluation of the concept of god

God of the philosophers meaning

But, his critique of Arminian understanding of omniscience seems to apply quite broadly. Wieman is so impressed with manyness that he overlooks oneness. On the one hand he speaks as a religious naturalist making God wholly immanent in nature. We have seen that, for Wieman, the basic things in the world are events, happenings, or processes. But Wieman conceives of no such concrete object or entity. This type of thinking makes God impersonal and breaks down the separateness and independence of finite personality. Only the Holy Trinity can be love. It seems to me that they prefer it because of public relations and the need to support conventional theism, not because the Bible suggests it. Structure, according to Tillich, is derived from being-itself; in turn, value is derived from structure. But what happens to these displaced values?

And it is equal to them whether you have warned them or you have not warned them, they do not believe. Though free will theism is now being criticized for being novel, it should be remembered that in this, as in other matters, it and Augustinianism have co-existed for most of the history of the church.

It is interesting to note that Wieman and Tillich concur on the point that God is not impersonal.

An evaluation of the concept of god

God as power of being resists and conquers non-being. Indeed the Saying has already come true against most of them, so they do not believe.

medieval concept of god

He is not the ultimate ground of all existence because of the very existence of these evil forces. He realizes that if he refers to God as good, he thereby conditions the unconditioned, and drags God into a subject-object relationship making him a being beside others.

Non theological concept of god

As therefore knowledge has no influence on things that are, so neither has foreknowledge on things that shall be. Whenever Wieman and Tillich stress the immanence of God, they must be commended. Only a pathetic god would reign over the world in dictatorial ways. All other things are passive, Allah alone is active. Of course, some traditional theists have understood this rightly. This is what the word God means. It was void of all including being which means it was only knowable by its effects which again did not resemble the One[2]. Metaphysical and moral. Tillich, ST, I, There can be no goodness in the true ethical sense without freedom and intelligence.

The dynamic element cannot break the unity of the form; the abysmal quality cannot swallow the rational quality of the divine life. If He wishes to reject someone and put that person to shame, then He will create sin in him.

concept of god in major religions
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