An analysis of whether athletes in sports are over paid

should college athletes be paid

If a college sports program department or athletics association forfeits its tax-exempt status, it may have new, big expenses from which it was spared under the student aid model. Others will mimic as they try to keep up but eventually will fall short in trying to outbid Auburn University, Florida State, the University of Southern California or the University of Texas in the college player arms race.

The current are athletes overpaid

It also begs the question of how you measure a player's value in dollars and cents. Now, ten years later, I am still a healthy adult, but every day I wake up and feel some pain in my knees, which can make it hard to get going in the morning. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. College athletics especially division 1 provide a huge source of revenue to universities and college. Both viewpoints have valid claims warranting consideration. In college student plays in in order to be pros and not to receive paycheck. When the students are allowed to be compensated, that is what a scholarship would become. Less clear is how the other principle participant -- the college athletics department -- will fare under the new arrangements. College sports programs will still enjoy great exemptions and benefits but will face increasing scrutiny and constraints. It is a privilege for anyone to get this opportunity, let alone the scholarship. Athletes work very hard to bring revenue to the university yet they are not rewarded monetary value. McDavis even wrote an op-ed in the New York Times explaining his position.

When the students are allowed to be compensated, that is what a scholarship would become. He believes that could cause some divisions and animosity within teams themselves.

The two positions argue whether or not professional athletes should be paid the large yearly salaries they are paid.

An analysis of whether athletes in sports are over paid

He says that as a former player and someone who came from a low-income household, he can understand the allure of being paid to play. They can argue about whether next year the University of Alabama will defend its College Football Playoff National Championship title. With professional athletes on the payroll, such local and state scrutiny of land used for sports entertainment provided by hired professionals will increase. Do you look at some other type of fair market value estimates? The college sports should not be centred on the money alone. College athletes are not professional A student athlete focuses on education and sport unlike professionals who focussed on sports alone. Now, think about how much money you had left over to buy a ticket to a game or something else that you didn't really need, but wanted. Did the Cossack an analysis of whether athletes in sports are over paid Ali suppress his tumbling dive deep? Knee, back and head injuries can be the hardest to deal with later in one's life, due to the fact that they are parts of the body we use every day for many different activities.

The NBA is a specific league that people heavily criticize. A recent study showed that the athlete student spend about seven hours weekly outside for practices.

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Chicago Bears salary from Sportscity. Collegiate athletic are driven by passion for an individual to become successful in both sport and life.

Shifting, however, to paying salaries to student athletes goes counter to an essential condition because it would be hard to define a salary as a charitable expense. As a student-athlete, McDavis says he was treated well; not only was he given a full-ride scholarship, his books were paid for, he was also provided with three meals a day and a stipend for living expenses.

This is something I have to assume pro athletes deal with on a much larger scale, since they deal with much more physical contact than I was dealing with.

are professional athletes overpaid essay
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Why College Athletes Should Not Be Paid