An analysis of the reasons for the outbreak of the second world war

The allies did what they could to feed and house the refugees and to reunite families that had been forcibly torn apart, but the scale of the task and the obstacles were enormous.

Not a few people then and since wondered if the trials were merely victors' justice, their moral authority undercut by the presence, in Nuremberg, of judges and prosecutors from Stalin's murderous regime, and by the fact that in Tokyo, the emperor, in whose name the crimes had been committed, was shielded from blame.

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We explore several channels through which this war might have influenced individual lives, and document which groups of the population were most affected.

Great cities such as Warsaw, Kiev, Tokyo and Berlin were piles of rubble and ash. The Soviet Union seized back some bits of territory such as Bessarabia, which it had lost to Romania in The lack of an obvious military defeat was one of the pillars that held together the Dolchstosslegende "Stab-in-the-back myth" and gave the Nazis another propaganda tool at their disposal.

An analysis of the reasons for the outbreak of the second world war

The Germans' ruthless requisitioning of fuel, industrial facilities and labour from France and other countries reduced the economies of the subjugated parts of Europe to such a state that they were unable — and, with their workers becoming ever more refractory, unwilling — to contribute significantly to German war production. People were dissatisfied with the government and voted to power a man who promised to rip up the Treaty of Versailles. In China, people turned increasingly from the corrupt and incompetent nationalists to the communists. Under the stimulus of war, governments poured resources into developing new medicines and technologies. The Japan government deemed it unacceptable to retreat from China. That the cold war did not in the end turn into a hot one was thanks to that fact. We should not view the war as being responsible for all of this, however; the rise of the US and the Soviet Union and the weakening of the European empires had been happening long before Everywhere there were lost or orphaned children, , alone in Yugoslavia. Woodrow Wilson wanted a treaty based on his point plan which he believed would bring peace to Europe. Since WWII affected not only countries differentially, but also regions within countries, we constructed data on combat operations using sources from military history Ellis, The political consequences would be devastating as many people became distrustful of the Weimar government, a government that had been founded on liberal-democratic principles. Britain, France, and the Netherlands all saw their imperial possessions disappear in the years immediately after the war. Other countries decided not to join and some joined but later left. Yet in retrospect this proved to be the high point of German success.

Following the bombings, the United States declared war on Japan in retaliation. Indeed, many East Germans grew up believing that their country had fought with the Soviet Union against Hitler's regime. The war acted as an accelerator.

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The Effects of World War II on Economic and Health Outcomes across Europe