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Mothers provide for and protect their offspring.

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Catmull asked for a short film to test and showcase subsurface scattering and the result, Geri's Gamewas attached alongside A Bug's Life in its theatrical release. The reflections and moistness, despite the smooth exterior, shows the realism.

Antz contains somewhat more mature content; A Bug's Life is designed a little more with kids in mind. In many ways, this central narrative thread weaves a picture very similar to the plot of Lagaan, an Indian film nominated in by the Academy for best foreign language film.

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Bug City contains plenty of garbage doubling as buildings and clubs. Lasseter asked again, and Katzenberg admitted it was true. Was this review helpful? Birds, looking for food, are enemies to all the insect species and swoop down perilously close to those most vulnerable.

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A Bug’s Life: Colonial Allegory