A detailed analysis technology transfer and

In models without the trust variable Models 1, 2, 5 and 6prior experience reveals a positive and significant estimate coefficient in the two most robust models Models 5 and 6. It also reveals, universities cooperating with science and technology parks have a better performance, and accumulation of knowledge in universities has a positive impress on technology transfer.

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Introduction Over the last few years, there has been a global move towards a knowledge-based economy Arvanitis and Woerter, ; Lai,in which knowledge and technology have become the most important resources Lee, et al. Introduction: The term technology transfer can be defined as the process of movement of technology from one entity to another.

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Although various approaches have been used Cumming and Teng, in the attempt to define successful transfer as a variable, we have followed Madeuf's I approach and assume that the impact on the recipient organization determines the success of the technology transfer. Arising from this assertion, the vitality of public good science funding is critically dependent on technology transfer.

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Technology transfer includes not only the patentable aspects of production but lso includes the business processes, such as knowledge and skills. Environments that foster interpersonal relationships can be conductors in the knowledge flow Santoro and Bierly, , since acquaintances facilitate the working arrangements between partners Duan, et al. Key characters in technology transfer process are discussed, also. This can also explain the positive effect of training on absorptive capacity. Phase Two: Technology Confirmation The technology confirmation phase is represented by the scientist first conducting research which provides data in support of the underlying theory about technology and then communicating the results to colleagues, peers and administrators. And the second is to ensure producing high quality researches, that supports the industrial and technology based market institutions with the needed and expected results answers, products etc. Table 1 The sharing of best practices has existed for decades in the very collaborative technology transfer community. A behavioral study of international technology transfer between the United States and west Germany, Research Policy, 2, —

In other words, human capital facilitates technology transfer between and beyond national boundaries Keller, ; Kneller, et al. Minutolo, M.

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D, Gopalakrishnan, S. Journal of Engineering and Technology Management.

A detailed analysis technology transfer and

Other articles which have attempted to perform similar analysis have cited the Milken study. Despite the literature's focus on the relationship between technology transfer and capacities and the actors involved in a bilateral perspective, the same connection between the actors of the Triple Helix is also expectable. The EEN project was selected as the empirical basis for our research framework because: I cross-border cooperation is at the root of the network; 2 as a whole, partners cover the three spheres of the helix, i. The key hypothesis of our theoretical model of ITT is that certain factors are crucial to the success of international technology transfer within a Triple Helix collaboration. Triple Helix of university-industry-government relations, Scientometrics, 58 2 , Partners will be asked to document their progress in the different work packages, preparing detailed work plans and all the necessary outputs for finalizing the preparatory work, like a Quality assurance, a website, a Communication and Information Plan or a guide for obtaining information and analysis of current transfer models on RITTO; The concept of the Fabricated lab and showrooms came to light with the partners agreeing on the driving effect they should play in Palestine in sharing innovation experiences with industrial and technology market. This is a significant bias and in some ways looks more like a marketing piece as opposed to an objective article.
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