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Personal life[ edit ] Campbell married Jeff Colt on April 3, The production that was about to open was The Phantom of the Opera, and the legendary Hal Prince was to be the director.

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Three years later she auditioned for the National Ballet of Canada and was accepted. With maternal grandparents who ran a theatre company and paternal grandparents who were also performers, it perhaps wasn't surprising that as a nine-year-old Neve was accepted by the National Ballet School Of Canada.

I didn't want it to ever feel as though I was separate from the company. She enjoys yoga and is a meditation enthusiast. She could become a really big star and then giggle at clips from this film at her AFI tribute.

Ross Collegiate Vocational Institute in Guelph. I would say half of the women in the company are not quite as good as Neve and the other half are probably a little better. It was at one of those performances that an agent spotted her and suggested she try modelling.

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Her real showbiz breakthrough, however, came when, inshe was cast as brainy big sister Julia Salinger in the series Party Of Five. The couple met when he was a bartender at Toronto 's Pantages Theatrewhere she was performing.

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She was given a Blockbuster Entertainment Award as favourite actress in a horror film for Scream 2 and 3, and was presented with an MTV Movie Award for best female performance in Scream 2. What is fascinating about Campbell is to understand the concept of time. Personal life[ edit ] Campbell married Jeff Colt on April 3, The first inkling that she may have inherited the need to perform came out shortly after she started taking ballet lessons when she was six. But she had gained enough confidence to try out for the occasional television commercial, which led to a few roles in episodes of some television programs, and that led to Catwalk, her first series. She went on to star in indie drama Investigating Sex - where she first met her future husband, British actor John Light and returned to her dance roots in by writing and producing Robert Altman flick The Company. She became one of them. Described as "television's most believable teenager", Campbell rose to fame in the United States through Party of Five, which ran for six seasons from to Part of this meant taking some acting lessons and part of it meant moving to Los Angeles. Matthew Modine and Maximilian Schell also appeared in the play, which received mixed reviews. It's amazing, it's kismet. The following year, after an year break from theatre, Neve returned to the stage in the New York production Syncopation. Her role has received significant critical praise throughout the Scream series, earning her the Saturn Award for Best Actress for her role in Scream.

As drew to a close Neve Campbell was back in the news. Campbell, too, sought that special place where everything was right, but deep inside she also felt constrained by the need to put technique ahead of expression.

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Ross Collegiate Vocational Institute in Guelph. But what really made memorable was what happened after her agent had lined up an audition for a brand new series. I'm used to those smells and those sounds and being with myself and with my body and dancing. When not working, Campbell reflects the input her mother has had in her life. After five years of studying many forms of dance, and performing such favorites as Sleeping Beauty and The Nutcracker, she felt she would lose her love of dance if she stayed any longer. At 14 she dropped out of ballet to concentrate on finishing her academic studies. Will she become an ageless beauty cast for her strength as an actor despite the passing of the years? I had a feeling.
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