A biography of aldous huxley one of the most brilliant minds of the 20th century

Lawrencewith whom Huxley would develop a lasting friendship. Associated in the public mind with his dystopian satire, Brave New World, and experimentation with drugs that preceded the psychedelic, a term he invented, era of the s, Huxley seemed to embody the condition of twentieth-century man in his restless curiosity, his search for meaning in a post-religious age, and his concern about the misuses of science and the future of the planet.

Much of what time he had left he devoted to his interest in Eastern mysticism, beginning a decades-long association with the Vedanta Society, whose journal Huxley contributed numerous pieces to.

In he also made advances in his personal life, marrying Maria Nys. Secure in this intellectual aristocracy, he might have rebelled and become a great mid-century English eccentric, a liberally minded chairman of the board of film censors, or the first openly agnostic Archbishop of Canterbury.

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The end of life in all great religious traditions is the realization that the finite manifests the Infinite in its totality. I felt an enormous zoological separation from him.

The three traveled extensively in these years, spending a significant amount of time in Italywith trips also to Indiathe Dutch Indies, and the United States. It was his experiences here in Italywhere Benito Mussolini had led an authoritarian government that fought against birth control in order to produce enough manpower for the next war, along with reading books critical of the Soviet Unionthat caused Huxley to become even more dismayed by the abject condition of Western Civilization.

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Newest listings by Aldous Huxley. At a time when Alan Watts was beginning to popularize Eastern teachings in the West and prominent public figures like Jack Kerouac were turning to BuddhismHuxley advances this cross-pollination of East and West.

This is, of course, a complete paradox when it is stated in words; nevertheless, it is one of the facts of experience. Complement it with Alan Watts on learning to live with presence in the age of anxiety and the great Zen teacher Thich Nhat Hanh on how to love.

The singing teacher and the golf pro say exactly the same thing. Products of his early writing include two more collections of poetry, as well as biographical and architectural articles and reviews of fiction, drama, music, and art for the London literary magazine Athenaeum, for which he served as part of the editorial staff in Thomas Mann, travelling first class, visited them in the tourist lounge and reported that the meeting was not a success, tactfully blaming the language barrier. In , Huxley married his second wife, Laura, who would later write a biography of their life together titled This Timeless Moment For most of his life since the illness in his teens which left Huxley nearly blind, his eyesight was poor despite the partial recovery which had enabled him to study at Oxford. Huxley moved to Hollywood, California in with his wife and friend Gerald Heard. In the Middle Ages the liberal arts were entirely verbal.
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Aldous Huxley: An English Intellectual by Nicholas Murray